Sauna Relax and Meeting Room

Sauna Relax and Meeting Room

A Warm and relaxing atmosphere, on the edge of our pool, spend time relaxing. Becoming healthier is to make a SAUNA, some exercise fitness corner, and why NO: also book an invigorating massage.

All this while admiring a breathtaking view over the valley of the Rubicon and the Adriatic coast between Ravenna and Cesenatico.

SAUNA that Passion
The heat surrounding the body, cleans the skin, relaxes and revitalizes. Reactivates blood circulation, and Port New Energy.

The origin of the sauna is lost in the mists of time. His birth is associated with purification rites common to many ancient religions. Its therapeutic and aesthetic were already known in ancient Greece but particularly among the Baltic peoples, particularly in Finland, that his practice has spread and perfected as a supreme source of well-being. The sauna is simply a bath of very hot and dry air which is carried out in a closed environment where appropriate apparatus heats and dries the air.
FINNISH SAUNA (ca.80 ° / 90 °) with CHROME THERAPY

Corner Gym

The room can be transformed into a small Meeting Room availability of ca. 25/30 people

  • Network LAN and Wi-Fi area
  • Projector Screen
  • Sound Amplification Microphone

" A nice villa on the hills of Romagna, overlooking Rimini coast with clean pool. We were impressed by Stefanos attention, charm and helpfulnes. If you are visiting the hills of Romagna or Tuscany, do not miss "I quattro passeri"! The breakfast was very good with enough choice."