How to give a visit to the Rubicon Sogliano home unchallenged Del "Formaggio di Fossa". Cheese "matured" in special pits Tufo, also in the territory of Roncofreddo, which opened in November and the next Fair is an event not to be missed for true connoisseurs.

Visit the village of Monteleone and its ancient castle.
Discover Longiano: museums (Disc, Cast Iron, Balestra Foundation) and the theater Petrella.

Go from "FOUR SPARROWS" close to San Marino for a full day of shopping is inevitable.

Pleasant is to reach San Leo, visit the magnificent Castle of Cagliostro, and the prison.

Mysterious and fascinating to listen to the Castle of Montebello will be the legend of the Ghost "AZZURRINA" and admire the sunset in a twinkle the great city of Rimini.

To Rimini from "FOUR SPARROWS" is very fast: 20 minutes by car and arrive at an Exhibition and Congress Centre of National and International among the most active and to 'avant-garde in Italy.

 Fast and easy access to the sea of ??Cesenatico, with its beautiful harbor Channel "Supper", which is only 16 Km from Four Sparrows, but also the increasingly fashionable Milano Marittima, Cervia with its SPA and Mirabilandia are not exactly far: 27 km

Desire, however, will return to Santa Paula of Roncofreddo, the "Four Sparrows", after an intense day of work or leisure, in the quiet and serenity of the Campaign - Relax with a healthy dip in the pool and enjoy a typical dinner in a of the many restaurants, taverns or farm located throughout the valley.

It will also be inevitable, given their proximity, visits to Malatesta Cesena (ancient LIBRARY, The Hippodrome, Bonci Theatre), the Byzantine Ravenna (Mosaics, the Tomb of Dante, St. Apollinaris, The Music of the Ravenna Festival) to Manfreda FAENZA (Ceramics and their International Museum) and a visit to the provincial capital Forlì and Predappio rich in a recent history of 'Italy.

" A nice villa on the hills of Romagna, overlooking Rimini coast with clean pool. We were impressed by Stefanos attention, charm and helpfulnes. If you are visiting the hills of Romagna or Tuscany, do not miss "I quattro passeri"! The breakfast was very good with enough choice."